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Translation Status by Language
Development and Testing Status
  • Planned - Planned
  • Writing - Writing or translating
  • Deployed - Seeking volunteers for translating
  • Deployed - Translating is complete
  • Deployed - Editing is complete
  • Deployed - Officially available publicly

Thank you for choosing to help.
Teachinghearts requires the following kind of help.

  1. Human Translators. To translate all files into a foreign language.
  2. Editors . To check the accuracy of the human translations. We know that the machine translations are bad so we are not checking those. But if the name of a translator appears at the bottom, then it may need to be checked.
  3. Other Help. English Readers, editors and other help are no longer required. We have decided to accept the lessons as they are.

These are the language versions that we hope to support.

# Language ID Language
Frames - No Frames Version
**Date Available
Translating Editors Links Facts
0 English E International Home Page
International Kids Home Page
November 1, 2001 Deployed OK OK OK
1 English E Frames English November 1, 2001 Deployed OK
2 French F Frames Français  
3 Spanish S Frames Español  
4 German G Frames Deutsch  
5 Italian I Frames Italiano  
6 Portuguese P Frames Português  
7Russian R Frames  
8 Chinese ZC Frames (Simplified)  
9 Z Frames (Traditional)  
10 Japanese J Frames  
11 Korean K Frames  
12 Arabic YA Frames  
13 Thai Q Frames  
14 Greek VX Frames  
15 Dutch GH Frames Nederlands  
16 Hebrew H Frames  
17 Tamil NT Frames  
18 Hindi NH Frames  
19 Bengali NB Frames  
20 Gujarati NJ Frames  
21 Marathi NM Frames  
22 Kannada NK Frames  
23 Gurmukhi NG Frames  
24 Telugu NL Frames  
25 Punjabi NP Frames Punjabi  
26 Urdu NU Frames Urdu  
27 Farsi YF Frames Farsi  
28 Turkish YT Frames Turk  
29 Tagalog QT Frames Tagalog (Filipino)  
30 Malay QM Frames Bahasa Melayu  
31 Indonesian QI Frames Bahasa Indonesian  
32 Vietnamese QV Frames Tieng Viet  
33 Croatian VC Frames Croatian  
34 Polish VP Frames Polski  
35 Ukrainian VU Frames  
36 Bulgarian VB Frames -
37 Czech VZ Frames Czech  
38 Romanian VR Frames Romanian  
39 Hungarian VH Frames Hungarian  
40 Serbian VS Frames Serbian  
41 Slovenian VV Frames Slovenian  
42 Swedish GS Frames Swedish  
43 Danish GD Frames Danish  
44 Norwegian GN Frames Norwegian  
45 Finnish GF Frames Finnish  
46 Icelandic GI Frames Icelandic  
47 Swahili WS Frames Swahili  

How to select a page for translation

  1. From the list of planned languages above, see if your language is seeking volunteers or is being translated.
  2. Look at the list below. If the status box is blank or 'seeking volunteers' then it may be available for translation.
  3. Contact the webmaster, with your name and the page or file that you have selected. You must have the following skills, software and equipment.

Order of Translation
No. File Name #Pages Status How to get there Comments
1 dre17h*.html ~12 each Deployed Home Page-->study plan 60 individual Lessons. Translate in the order of the study plan
2 dre03propvwstudyplannotes.html 8 Deployed Main Menu-->Prophecy--> Study Plan View Study Plan View
2 dre01mainnotes.html 8 Deployed Main Menu Main Menu for the language
3 dre00christian.html 5 Deployed Main Menu-->New Life How to become a Christian
6 dre03prophecynotes.html 34 Deployed Main Menu--> Prophecy Prophecies - general
7 dre03propchristnotes.html 28 Deployed Main Menu-->Prophecy--> Prophecies of Christ Messianic Prophecies
8 dre03propgospelnotes.html 11 Deployed Main Menu-->Prophecy--> New Testament Prophecies in the Gospels
9 dre03propgospel2notes.html 19 Deployed Main Menu-->Prophecy--> Old Testament Prophecies in the Old Testament
10 dre03propvwhistorynotes.html 6 Deployed Main Menu-->Prophecy--> Historic View History View
11 dre03propvwsymbolnotes.html 53 Deployed Main Menu-->Prophecy--> Symbolic View Symbolic View
12 dre03propcomparenotes.html 14 Deployed Main Menu-->Comparisons Various Comparisons
13 dre06sanctuarynotes.html 35 Deployed Main Menu-->Sanctuary Sanctuary
14 dre04historynotes.html 56 Deployed Main Menu-->History General and church history
15 dre04histempires.html 35 Deployed Main Menu-->History-->Babylon History of the empires
15 dre04legends.html 43 Deployed Main Menu-->History-->Babylon History of the empires
16 dre07technologynotes.html 45 Deployed Main Menu-->Technology Technology
17 dre08currentissuesnotes.html 44 Deployed Main Menu-->Current Issues Current Issues
18 dre02biblenotes.html 20 Deployed Main Menu-->Bible Bible origins
19 dre03propancientnotes.html 22 Deployed Main Menu-->children's Ministry --> Prophecy Children's View of Prophecies
20 dre09creationnotes.html 49 Deployed Main Menu-->Creation Creation and evolution
21 dre00timeline.html 39 Deployed Main Menu-->History-->Timeline Time lines
22 dre00maps.html 25 Deployed Main Menu-->History-->Maps Maps and Territories
23 dre03propdanielnotes.html 3 Bugs Main Menu-->Prophecy--> Daniel Prophecies - Daniel
24 dre03proprevelationnotes.html 6 Deployed Main Menu-->Prophecy--> Revelation Prophecies - Revelation
25 dre00review.html 10 Deployed Main Menu-->Review Lesson Review
26 dre00authors.html 5 Deployed Main Menu-->Site Tour About Us and Contact
27 dre00common.html 6 Deployed Main Menu-->Methodology Conventions and Methodology
28 dre00references.html 6 Deployed Main Menu-->Site Tour References
29 dre00resourcenotes.html 4 Deployed Main Menu-->Site Tour Site Tour
30 dre00articles.html 3 Deployed Main Menu-->Articles Articles
31 dre00sitemap.html 9 Deployed See Navigation bar Site Map
32 dre00symbols.html 24 Deployed See Navigation bar Symbols
33 dre00symbols2.html 7 Deployed Link is within the symbols page Symbols origin
34 dre00glossary.html 74 Deployed See Navigation bar Dictionary
35 dre00news.html 32 Deployed Main Menu-->News Current events that affect prophecy
36 dre00personality.html 24 Deployed Main Menu-->Technology Personality
37 dre05bibledocnotes.html 10 Deployed Main Menu-->Bible Doctrines Bible Doctrines. Wait. 50% already translated.
38 dre03propkidsnotes.html 7 Deployed Main Menu-->children's Ministry --> Prophecy Children's View of Prophecies
39 dre01mainkidsnotes.html 3 Deployed Main Menu--> children's Ministry Children's View of Prophecies
40 dre04histadventist.html 15 Deployed Main Menu-->History-->Church Adventist history
41 dre07lawnotes.html 24 Deployed Main Menu-->Technology Laws
42 dre07law2notes.html 53 Deployed Lessons-->Inquisition laws Modern Inquisition Laws
43 dre00newsmedia.html 54 Deployed Lessons-->Media control The control of the media
44 dre82language.html 22 Deployed Lessons-->10/40 window The 10/40 window
45 Children's pages and games - Deployed Main Menu -->Children Translate in the order of the files listed below
46 index.html 1 Deployed Do not translate International home page
- dre00toc.html 6 Deployed   Table of contents

No. File Name Eng Frn Spn Ger Por Itl Nor Dut ChS ChT Kor Rus Jap Heb Arb Tml Hnd Bng Ukr Blg Pol Thai Tag Turk
1 copyright.txt Yes
2 copyright2.txt Yes
3 nav.html Yes
4 header.html Yes
5 toc.html Yes
6 mainnotes.html Yes
7 biblenotes.html Yes
8 bibledocnotes.html Yes
9 sanctuarynotes.html Yes
10 historynotes.html Yes
11 histempires.html Yes
12 histadventists.html Yes
13 maps.html Yes
14 timeline.html Yes
15 lawsnotes.html Yes
15 laws2notes.html Yes
15 newsmedia.html Yes
16 technologynotes.html Yes
17 personality.html Yes
18 currentissuesnotes.html Yes
19 creationnotes.html Yes
20 resourcenotes.html Yes
21 sitemap.html Yes
22 common.html Yes
23 authors.html Yes
24 references.html Yes
25 symbols.html Yes
26 symbols2.html Yes
27 glossary.html Yes
28 review.html Yes
29 christian.html Yes
30 news.html Yes
31 articles.html Yes
32 prophecynotes.html Yes
33 propdanielnotes.html Yes
34 proprevelationnotes.html Yes
35 propchristnotes.html Yes
36 propgospelnotes.html Yes
37 propcomparenotes.html Yes
38 propvwhistorynotes.html Yes
39 propvwsymbolnotes.html Yes
40 propancientnotes.html Yes
41 propvwstudyplannotes.html Yes
42 17h*.html Yes
1 tockids.html Yes
2 hdrkids.html Yes
3 navkids.html Yes
4 tocgames.html Yes
5 propkidsnotes.html Yes
6 mainkidsnotes.html Yes
7 89creation.html Yes
8 kidspraise.html Yes
9a crafts.html Yes
9b crafts2.html Yes
10 puzzles.html Yes
11 biblestory.html Yes
12 biblestory1.html Yes
13 biblestory2.html Yes
14 biblestory3.html Yes
15 gm1armageddon.html Yes
16 gm6mission.html Yes
17 gm5rescue.html Yes
18 gm5scramble.html Yes
19 gm2concent.html Yes
20 gm3mssquare.html Yes
21 gm3facemem.html Yes
22 gm4oddball.html Yes
23 gmangels3.html Yes
24 gmc4pearl.html Yes
25 gmc4armor.html Yes
26 gmc4fruit.html Yes
27 gm1earthquake.html Yes
28 gmtreashunt.html Yes
29 gm1matchmkr.html Yes
30 gm1onfarm.html Yes
31 8gm4oddball.html Yes
32 89game1.html Yes
33 89game2.html Yes
34 89game3.html Yes
35 89game4.html Yes
36 82school.html Yes
0 All 19 frames Yes

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